My journey to wellness… and the many bumps along the way

I’ve been working on being really and authentically vulnerable these past few months, shedding my ego and allowing others and myself to see what’s really going on inside my head and my heart.

So even though it feels scary, and there’s a part of me that would rather have you believe I’m perfect (ha!), I’ve decided to get especially vulnerable and share my full story with you. And even scarier, I’m going to share pictures.

While I’m now living a life I’m excited about, in a body I love, and with friends and family I adore, it was definitely not always this way…

Ever since I can remember, I felt guilt and shame around my body and food behaviors. This eventually translated into deprivation/binge cycles when it came to food, and a complete disconnect from my body and its internal cues. As I got older, I didn’t even know what hunger or satiation felt like, completely relying on prescriptive diets to tell me how much/what/when to eat.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely had a great life and childhood even as I battled with my apparent lack of “willpower” around food and the way my body looked. I had great friends and family, I did well in school, I did theatre and swam and had a happy life. But underneath much of it, I was out of integrity with myself, my body’s needs, and my own desires. I felt self-conscious, often took things personally, got sick a lot, and fluctuated between feeling good and feeling terrible mentally and physically.

It got worse before it got better.

When I went to undergrad at the University of Michigan, I started getting sick even more often, getting bronchitis, ear aches, pink eye, and other infections fairly regularly.

My skin flared up with psoriasis and I had large, red, inflamed patches all over my body. They especially wreaked havoc on my face, making me feel even more self-conscious in any social setting.

I felt groggy and tired all day, relying on coffee to wake up and alcohol to have fun.

I suffered multiple-day hangovers, struggling to regain mental clarity and feeling even remotely better physically for days on end.

I developed an even more dysfunctional relationship with food and my body, with restriction and binging becoming more and more pronounced throughout my days and weeks.
I felt a loss of control when food was present, and a sense of regret and self-contempt after bingeing.

I constantly dieted and obsessing about my weight, even as my weight crept up to 25 pounds more than my current weight.
I felt a general and constant sense of sadness, as well as consistent irritability, annoyed with myself and those around me for no real reason.
I felt like time was passing by me without me knowing what I wanted to do or be in my life.I was scared of the future and frustrated with the present. It felt hopeless.

That was when I found Happy Healthy Habits.

Well, it wasn’t yet Happy Healthy Habits. It was called Body Thrive, and I went through it with a company called Yogahealer. I learned how and when to eat for optimal digestion, developed an exercise routine, actually started sleeping enough, and started cultivating a healthy relationship with my body and myself. I implemented health habits that made my body absolutely thrive, my mind clear and focused, my emotions steady, my mood much more positive.

I spent less time studying and got better grades.

I started loving my body for all it could do, and even for what it looked like.

I was excited to get out of bed in the morning.

I honored my body’s needs without punishing myself for eating something “wrong” or not working out as hard as I “should.”

I had more positive relationships.

I was more pleasant to be around.

I felt blessed instead of annoyed.

I took things less personally.

My psoriasis cleared up.

I no longer needed alcohol to have fun. In fact, I went out with friends and had more fun than I’d ever had without binge drinking or feeling hungover the next day.

I started feeling my body’s cues and knowing what to do with them.

I no longer needed coffee to wake up in the morning.

I no longer obsessed about my weight or the food I was eating.

Of course, I’m still not perfect. I slide back into old thought and behavioral patterns, I don’t do the habits every single day without fail, I feel sadness and stress and the wide range of emotions we experience as humans.

AND I’m so much better off than I ever was. I feel amazing most of the time. I radiate positive energy much more often than not. I honor my body’s needs almost all the time.

And I found my purpose.

I realized that this was exactly what I needed to be doing: helping people implement these habits, embody the growth principles I had learned, and change their lives to become ones they were excited about living.

Not only did I uncover my potential for health and happiness, I also discovered my passion and made it into a business. Once I finished my Master’s in Public Health, I got certified as a Yoga Health Coach with Yogahealer so I could teach the thing that had so drastically changed my life.

This is why I do what I do. I know what it’s like to feel so mentally and physically low. I also know what it’s like to feel like there’s something missing, like there has to be more to life that what I was living.

And I’m SO passionate about helping people finally feel amazing in their bodies, their minds, and their lives. This stuff matters. If we want to create a world that has more love and less hate and fear, if we want to show up as the best version of ourselves, if we want to make a difference in the lives of others, we have to start with ourselves. Once we implement the habits I teach, we’re so much more capable of living our purpose, feeling fulfilled, and being happy!

Do you want to feel as amazing as you’ve ever felt?

If you do, let’s talk! I offer free 30-minute strategy sessions to help people like you get clear on where you want to change in your life. I do this because I really and truly care about you, your health, and helping you design the life you actually want to have.

If you resonate with any of my story, and think there’s a part of you that could benefit from a conversation, please sign up for a strategy session here!

I really and truly want to talk to you. I want you to feel as good as you can possibly feel. I care so much about your health and happiness, and I know there’s a way to help you get to where you want to go.

I’m ready to get you there. Are you?

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