The 425 Show Podcast

Tune in for this chat with Nicole Mangina about how important habits are for our health and wellbeing! In this episode, we talk about decision fatigue and why automating these habits can help us think about our health less while actually being healthier! Tune in to find out how that’s possible! We also discuss howContinue reading “The 425 Show Podcast”

Quarantine Convos Week 2

If you didn’t get a chance to join our community Quarantine Conversations this week, here is a recording! This week’s topic: emotions and the stages of grief as we’ve experienced them during quarantine. We talked acceptance, presence, and coping as emotions arise, plus tapping into our bodies and our physiology to work through them. ThankContinue reading “Quarantine Convos Week 2”

Yogakane Podcast with Lauren Sanders

In this episode, I chat with Lauren Sanders, a certified Yoga Instructor in the Pacific Northwest, about how the cycle of all-or-nothing thinking and diet culture impacts your ability to live with integrity and in rhythm with yourself and the world. We discuss the weird relationships we tend to have with food and get atContinue reading “Yogakane Podcast with Lauren Sanders”