“I originally enrolled in Happy Healthy Habits to lose some weight for the summer and feel better in my own skin, but my experience has been so much more than that. Before this course, I succumbed to fad diets and many short-term solutions for weight loss. Through group calls, individual coaching calls with Hadlee, and gradually introducing the habits into my life, I have accomplished my goal of feeling lighter in my body as well as overcoming my perfectionist tendencies. I’ve cultivated a healthy mindset in which my only goal is to be better than the person I was the day before. I no longer feel defeated after a heavy meal or a skipped workout, because I know I can get back on the right path immediately.

Another big success I’ve had from this course is how I start my mornings. I don’t snooze the alarm multiple times before I get up because I set myself up for success the night before by going to bed early. Similarly, because I have begun my day with yoga or a workout, I feel ready to tackle whatever comes my way throughout the day. These successes did not come easily, but Hadlee’s constant support and encouragement from others in the course have made them possible. It’s easy to look on Instagram at all of the “perfect” people and get discouraged about yourself, but this course has really taught me that personal growth and being content within ourselves outweighs temporary happiness.”