“I have been enrolled in Hadlee’s Healthy Habits program since June 2018, and I have seen tremendous results! I started the program because I had just graduated from college and accepted a job across the country. The move to a brand new place without knowing anyone was daunting and I hoped the habits would help keep me grounded and in tune with myself during this transition period. I’d lived a healthy lifestyle before, but the habits and the group dynamic were very new to me. Learning these habits has completely shifted my perspective on what is “right” for my body and helped me become more in-tune with myself. The physical and mental components of this course have pushed me to question old habits and embrace the new ones. I have learned how to step out of my comfort zone, and I have noticed an improvement in how I tackle obstacles in all aspects of my life, not only things pertaining to this course. Hadlee is so supportive and I’m so grateful for her and my new HHH community!”