“I am beyond grateful (and Happy) that I decided to join HHH! Being involved with live conference calls, chatting in group forums, and even a 1:1 accountability partner to hold ourselves up to the standards we make for ourselves has been extremely rewarding! I have seen and felt myself transform into the person I knew was there, but didn’t quite have the resources and inner motivation to find. I have been “All In” as much as I can with this program and pushing myself to be the best version of me! Change only comes when you push yourself outside your comfort zone!

Incorporating new habits each week into my daily lifestyle ensures I am taking advantage of my time, mental clarity, and well-being. My entire mindset on nourishment has shifted. I am making productive steps forward into becoming the person I want and know I can be, using the mental clarity that I’ve gained each day to make intentional decisions. The relationships I have intentionally kept have prospered, and I have also intentionally weeded out relationships that no longer served me and my beliefs.

After all this and the work in progress, I see a light at the end of my tunnel of struggles. I have learned that even on my “off” days, I’m able to learn and grow and use that as ammo for the next days down the line. Every day should be used to better yourself, and I’m so excited to see how I can keep using these habits to live each day the best!

Mahalo! (Means thank you :))”