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Happy Healthy Habits is an online course designed to help you improve your health and your life. In this program, the habits of ancient Yogis meet modern life via evidence-based practice and practical methods for habit change.

The course incorporates the 10 habits of Ayurveda, the ancient sister science of yoga, into everyday life. These shifts won’t happen overnight: instead, we’ll use behavioral science research to achieve small, incremental changes that over time will make massive improvements in your life. And instead of struggling to change your habits by yourself, this course will immerse you in a group of like-minded people simultaneously striving toward the same habits and goals. Not only will our group support you in your journey toward greater health and happiness, but we will also have a ton of fun along the way!



“Before I started this course, I didn’t know where to start with my health. I felt like I didn’t have the support I needed to really commit. Knowing people are in my corner and want me to succeed has made a huge difference for me. I feel accountable for the goals I set for myself, and have people who will celebrate with me when I achieve them. I have noticed both physical and mental change in incorporating the habits in my life – and haven’t felt this good, ever! It’s also been incredibly manageable, since the habits are introduced one by one. Most importantly, I am a happier and more present person, and I am proud of what I have accomplished.” 


“I have been enrolled in Hadlee’s Healthy Habits program since June 2018, and I have seen tremendous results! I started the program because I had just graduated from college and accepted a job across the country. The move to a brand new place without knowing anyone was daunting and I hoped the habits would help keep me grounded and in tune with myself during this transition period. I’d lived a healthy lifestyle before but the habits and the group dynamic were very new to me. Learning these habits has completely shifted my perspective on what is “right” for my body and helped me become more in-tune with myself. The physical and mental components of this course have pushed me to question old habits and embrace the new ones. I have learned how to step out of my comfort zone, and I have noticed an improvement in how I tackle obstacles in all aspects of my life, not only things pertaining to this course. Hadlee is so supportive and I’m so grateful for her and my new HHH community!”


After several serious health issues and two years of a sedentary lifestyle, I realized I needed to get my life on a track moving toward a healthier place. Happy Healthy Habits has provided me with the tools to reach that goal. The videos, conference calls, group support, evolving habits, and Hadlee’s guidance have contributed to my increased energy, healthier diet, positive attitude, and overall well-being. Thanks HHH!


“I initially enrolled in Hadlee’s course to learn new methods to contribute to weight loss and managing my Crohn’s disease after a bad flare up earlier this year. However – even after ten weeks – I’m not only losing weight on my targeted goal, have healthier and more manageable digestion, but have a much more peaceful state of mind. I manage my stress in much healthier ways and have integrated more positive life choices seamlessly. You will have a dynamic, supportive group and not regret participating in the program!”


The habits I have learned to implement during the course have been life-changing. The course helped me get through the winter blues by implementing habits that made me feel so much better physically, mentally, and spiritually. I have noticed a huge change in my stress levels and how I manage stress since starting this course. I sleep more, I rest more, but I still get the things done that I need to. It’s amazing how much more productive you are when stress isn’t taking over your life. The best part of this course is the amazing support system that is developed throughout. Hadlee is an amazing coach and is always there to help. The group you work with is always there to provide advice and support. I would recommend this course to anyone and everyone.”


“I’ve taken courses, participated in therapies, attended retreats, read books, and listened to podcasts to support my personal growth over the years. But none of them have hit home quite like Happy Healthy Habits. Its focus on small, achievable steps helps establish consistent behavior change over the long term, which then evolves into more robust practices. Implementing these habits has already shown me that often my worries in life are fed by my lack of sleep, poor diet choices, etc. Because of the habits I’m practicing I now feel so much better both emotionally and physically. This course has helped to strengthen my values and knowledge surrounding self-care, which I’ve decided are the prerequisites for grounded, sustainable growth in any dimension of life. I have found empowerment in being certain of what I want and need to live a healthy, fulfilled life rather than putting undue emphasis on cultural values that don’t value individuals and their health.”



You’ll automate these self-care habits:

  • Earlier, lighter dinners to optimize digestion
  • Maximize sleep and rest
  • Start the day right
  • Movement practice
  • Food as nourishment
  • Mindfulness and reflection
  • Get in touch with your body through self-massage
  • Dive in deeper with food and meal spacing
  • Care for your sense organs
  • Live with ease

You can expect to experience the following (and more!):

  • Releasing perfectionism and making lasting change
  • Improved digestion and weight management
  • Exponentially greater energy and capacity for getting things done
  • Improved sleep
  • Better waste elimination
  • A stronger, leaner body
  • A better relationship with food and your ecosystem
  • Greater mindfulness and ability to learn from life experiences
  • A more loving relationship with yourself and your body
  • Enhanced ability to listen to your body’s needs
  • An improved immune system
  • Less sick days and more fun days!!
  • Greater ease and joy in everyday life

You are a perfect match for this course if you:

  • Want all of the above benefits and more from your life
  • Feel like there has to be more to life than the “work hard, play hard” mentality
  • Frequently beat yourself up about what you “should” be doing but aren’t
  • Want to be more gentle with yourself
  • Get sick often (including colds and allergies!)
  • Suffer from autoimmune issues
  • Want to feel lighter, stronger, and more grounded in your skin
  • Have a desire to design your life the way you want it to be, and not the way others tell you it should be
  • Are willing to do what it takes to get there
  • Are willing to let go of “victim mentality” and take control of your present and future self
  • Are excited to work on your habit recalibration and reap the benefits
  • Want to have fun along the way!

Join me as I guide our group through this life-changing journey into wellness. It won’t be easy, but it will be so worth it. I promise.

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